Sector La Floresta
Mallorca N24 - 266
Entre Coruña y Guipuzcoa

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Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM to  6:00 PM

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Cafe Spiral is a new cultural cafe in La Floresta, Quito. We are a unique combination of coffee shop, restaurant, bar and cultural center, situated in a lightly remodeled old house.

The main idea of Cafe Spiral is to create an intimate and refreshing atmosphere for contemplation, conversation and an exchange of ideas. Ideas can take many forms: verbal, written, visual, musical, kinetic and culinary. Cafe Spiral cultivates all of these forms of expression in its varied programming:

Cafe Spiral book club, live music, world music, philosophy cafe, poetry readings, open mic, art exhibits, crafts, language exchanges, table games, lectures, presentations, tastings, theme nights and more.

Cafe Spiral values are:



Cafe Spiral prides itself on having some of the strictest hygienic practices in Quito and our chefs are all trained in HACCP food safety control. Additionally, we have implemented the following practices and standards:

⇒We choose our providers based upon the quality and cleanliness of their products, rather than price.

⇒All of our fruits, vegetables and herbs are triple washed upon arrival, and for products served raw (juices, salads, etc.) they are disinfected with a natural disinfectant and rinsed with filtered water.

⇒We use a patented four-part water filtering process by Seldon Technologies (sediment filter, activated carbon filter, hollow fiber UF filter and nanomesh filter) developed for the US Airforce in connection with Dartmouth College.

⇒We cook with quality oils high in heart-healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and the oil used in our deep-fryer is changed daily to prevent carcinogen build-up.

⇒Our dishes and cooking equipment are washed in hot water.

We use and sell many organic products, such as Velez organic coffee and Pacari organic chocolate, as well as organic wines from Cono Sur and Emiliana vineyards. Our menu includes a generous selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes. We also include animal protein dishes in our menu so as not to exclude our omnivore friends. Our culinary values are slow food, fast good and Mediterranean diet, with an abundance of salads, soups, sandwiches and vegetables. We make our own yogurt and whole-grain bread in house. We use natural, fresh and local ingredients in our dishes and drinks, avoiding products with artificial ingredients and chemicals. Whenever practical, we use organic products, including many grown in our own organic rooftop garden.
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Cafe Spiral recycles intensively, meaning that nothing recyclable is put into the trash. We also sponsor a recycling collection point at the cafe as a neighborhood service. We harvest rainwater, which we use for cleaning the patios and watering the flowers and rooftop garden. Our organic rooftop vegetable and herb garden, as well as our flowers and trees, add important oxygen and clean air to the local atmosphere without pesticide or chemical fertilizer contamination. We compost 100% of our fruit and vegetable waste, coffee grinds and eggshells, which we then use to fertilize our plants. We invested in bicycle parking to encourage and support green transportation. Our business cards, as well as out take-out cups, are made from biodegradable sugar cane paper and recycled paper. We use biodegradable glass cleaner and laundry detergent, biodegradable plastic wrap and bags, and recycled kitchen towels. The paints used in the cafe are low VOC certified ecological paints. We use grease traps and air filters to avoid contaminating the natural resources of Quito.
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Every month Cafe Spiral sponsors an Ecuadorean non-profit foundation or program, donating 5% of that month´s profits to the foundation and dispersing information about the good works of the foundation to our clients. One Sunday each month Cafe Spiral employees participate in a community development project such as neighborhood cleanups, animal shelter work, literacy projects and programs for children, the homeless, the disabled and the elderly.
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"Eclectic" means taking the best from various sources and this is exactly what Cafe Spiral does! You will find tastes, sights, sounds and ideas from many cultures around the world at Cafe Spiral, and especially from the Americas. We have International Theme nights with music, arts and foods from around the world. We have an extensive collection of world music at Cafe Spiral.
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